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I, for one, have never been offered to be bought a drink, no less a “drank.” Maybe it’s because I’m a guy, maybe it’s because I’m not what the industry calls “camera friendly,” or maybe it’s because no woman has ever thought to herself “now this is a guy I want to inebriate and take advantage of… in that way” upon first eye contact. (Let’s be real, though – many women have thought that. They’ve just all been too shy. Shy or nonexistent). On the other hand, I’ve never offered to buy a drink for a woman I’m not acquainted with, either. But I have offered to buy them a drank.

Anyway, perhaps my general unfamiliarity with this whole “Can I buy you a drink?” social script piqued my interest in the song “Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin’)” by T-Pain, featuring Yung Joc. I understood the gist of the song during my first listen, but was curious as to exactly what T-Pain was singing and Yung Joc was rapping. While Yung Joc’s verse of rap was surprisingly straight-forward and relatively airtight, T-Pain’s words left me with more questions than answers..



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