If you get a chance, check out my friend’s new(ish) blog, THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN. Sure, it’ll destroy your faith in humanity (her words, not mine), but it’s still a quick, fun read. This one is my favorite so far.



When I came across this post today on Boing Boing, this was my train of thought, more or less metaverbatim:

Zeppelin versus pterodactyls? That would be a freakin’ sweet movie. I’d probably watch that. No, I’d definitely watch that. A blimp facing off against a flying reptile? There’s so much right about that premise that no amount of wrong can compromise its entertainment value. Well, unless whoever directed Crossover got the directing nod for some reason (ahem – Preston A. Whitmore), but that’s unlikely. So yeah, dude, I’d so watch this movie. A dirigible going head-to-head with a dinosaur? Man, that’s so awesome. What a combination. Zeppelin versus pterodactyls. Wow.

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hey everybody!

come see how good I look!

… or how back from a three-week hiatus I am.

Dear Sign Twirlers Across the Nation,

Thank you. Thank you for your dedication to excellence. Thank you for your willingness to showcase your talents despite the constant judgment you face by drivers idling in their cars. Thank you for unassumingly embracing your placement on the mantle of cultural ubiquity, rightfully among the ranks of the Skip-it, overly-made up cafeteria ladies, and Rosie O’Donnell’s unsolicited opinions/Ryan Seacrest’s face.

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mundane days seem a little less mundane when viewed in haiku retrospect.

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1) when people say that something or someone “takes the cake,” what flavor is the cake?

if the phrase was “takes a cake,” I wouldn’t give this a second thought. but, no, the phrase is “takes the cake,” which I take to mean that the originator(s) of this idiom had a particular cake in mind. personally, I think that it had to be a cake that the he/she/they knew would have universal appeal, leading me to believe that this cake that is proverbially taken was a funfetti cake.
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another day, another set of haikus.

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